Revive7 Science

Revive7 provides retailers the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell to their clients. Revive7 offers excellent margins which helps retailers to improve their profitability while taking up minimal space.

  • Trusted Quality since 2012

    Revive7 Science is a Canadian brand launched in 2012. With a decade of experience, Revive7 has become Canada’s most trusted lash & brow serum. Since then, we have created and innovated new products to make beauty routines effortless. 

  • Clean & Minimal

    Revive7 Science believes in clean and minimal ingredients. Less is more! The Revive7 formula was curated to offer results without a list of harmful ingredients, steroids or bitamoprost and latanoprost. 


    From manufacturing, to warehousing, to distribution, to retailer; the team has been growing and ensuring that each process is handled with excellence and care. Making easy online ordering and offering next-day turn-around shipping. 


    The team is focused on giving our clients the best possible experience and knowledge about our brand. Once you are a Revive7 Authorized Retailer or Distributor, you will be offered product training in each product in the Revive7 family.  


Point of sale marketing including printed marketing materials, display units, pull-up banners and posters are available in French and English. A vast portfolio of digital marketing tools is complimentary including social media posts and reels, web banners, images for e-marketing, and Google ads banners. The Revive7 graphics and marketing team are constantly creating new materials for our Distributors and Resellers that are only one click away. 

For information on becoming a retail or distribution partner, email or simply fill out the form below.